Sunday, April 1, 2012

Lions and Tigers and...... SERVALS?

This morning, I decided to go to a big cat sanctuary called In Sync Exotics in Wylie, TX.  A friend of mine volunteers here and really enjoys it.  

This is the second time I have been here and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys lions and tigers.  All of the animals here have been rescued from horrible situations and nursed back to the health they deserve.
I got lucky today.  The last time I was here, this guy was laying down on an elevated walkway out of view.  Today, I got a clear view.

In Sync is open for self guided tours Saturdays and Sundays from 11 - 6 and for $10 for adults, it is a great value.  You are much closer to the animals than you would be if you were to see them at a zoo and up this close, you can see what beautiful creatures these are.

As you walk around, you can tell how much the people who work and volunteer here care about these cats.  All the cats are referred to by name.  The cages are decorated, cleaned and well stocked with things for the cats to play with.  There is no doubt that they are in a much better situation than the ones they came from.

The hard part photographically, is that you have to shoot through two fences.  Granted, for safety, you definitely appreciate the second fence.  However, it is very hard to get a shot without the cats being blocked by fencing.  Other than that, this is a great place.  You can get more information by checking out their website at  So go out and visit Smuggler, Gypsy, Stryker and all the other cats at In Sync Exotics.

Saturday, April 7th, they are holding an Easter Egg Hunt.  Here is your opponent.....

You can check out more pictures of the cats on my Facebook page at

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