Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bachman Lake
This week, my sunrise quest has taken me to Bachman Lake.  This lake is in Dallas off of Northwest Hwy and Lemmon Ave. near Love Field airport.  All of my pictures this day, I took in HDR.  When I woke up, I knew it was going to be a great sunrise, so I wanted to make sure to capture the full range of color that I knew would be there.

 As I go deeper into the year on this sunrise project, I find myself working harder to keep it new and challenging.  By far, the most challenging aspect is finding new spots from which to shoot.

Other than that, I have used different techniques, including HDR, I've forced myself to shoot from a lower perspective and I've tried to look for new interesting subjects.  My favorite so far has been reflections on water.
I look forward to going back to Bachman Lake during the day, because the landing strip for Love Field airport is just beyond the lake.  From what I hear, the planes come right over the lake to land.  That would make for some interesting pictures.

Now that the Blue Bonnets are starting to bloom, those may make for an interesting sunrise.

Until next time...

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