Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Last Chance

The weather forecast for the Dallas area doesn't look too great for the next few days.  The weather channel is calling for rain all the way through Sunday.  With that in mind, even with the sky overcast, I figured this would be my last chance to go out and shoot for the next few days, so off I went.

I wanted to try to photograph with a wind theme in mind.  However, before I got off from work, the wind died down.  I went to the website for the City of Richardson and decided to go to Cottonwood Park off of Beltline Rd and Cottonwood Rd.  I have to say, this was a very nice park.  The city has done a great job with its parks system.  Also, Mother Nature decided to help me out by putting some nice color in the sky before I left.

I decided to learn to use my HDR software a little more.  With these pictures, once I merged the three shots, I went in and adjusted the fine tuning settings.  I think that they came out pretty well.

I especially love the black and white pictures.  Also, with the colors in the sky that I mentioned, the HDR technology really accentuates them.

1/80 Sec. Exp., 85mm, F/5.6, ISO 400
 I think this is one of the truest signs that spring is upon us.  There were a couple dozen ducklings swimming around the lake with their parents.  Even at this young age, these kiddos are fast.  The picture is not as in focus as I would like, but I had to include this picture.

1/30 Sec., Exp., 17mm, F/5, ISO 800
 This park had a rock formation separating two of its lakes.  I decided to climb up on it and take a low angle shot.  I like the trees poking out from the top of the rocks.

1/13 Sec. Exp., 80mm, F/5, ISO 400
I think this is my favorite photograph of all and it was completely by accident.  I was setting up for this shot; adjusting my zoom, focus, shutter speed etc. and as I pressed the shutter this father and son had walked into the shot.  What I think makes this shot work is that the son is jumping off the rock as the picture was being taken.  This is a great candid father and son moment.

Before I go, I wanted to take a moment to say that you should check out you local parks.  They are a great way to see nature and to get some exercise in the process.  Look for the Parks and Recreation section of your city's website and that will give you a great guide with which to start.

With the pending rain, I'll have to find something indoors to shoot later this week.  Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Until next time...

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