Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Sunrise That Wasn't.

 Sunday is my weekly sunrise shoot day.  Luckily, with the time change, the sun comes up an hour later, so I get to sleep a little bit more.  As I've said over the last few weeks, the weather has been sort of hit and miss and this morning was one of the misses.  It was very cloudy and the sun was blocked out.  However, as long as it is not raining, I will be out with my camera.

 In looking at the above picture and the picture to the right of this text, this is a great representative of the detail that you get with HDR photography.  The above picture is the HDR shot and you can see so much more detail in the clouds than you can in the picture to the right.  I didn't notice that until I put these two pictures together.

This week's sunrise pictures were taken at White Rock Lake.  I am developing an affinity for piers.  I think that they're a great subject for photography.  Plus, I love the song, "Sitting on the Dock of the Bay", by Otis Redding.

As I said a couple of blog posts ago, White Rock Lake is a great place to visit.  I plan on going back when I get another good sunrise.  I also have other plans for photo shoots there.  We'll see what the week holds in terms of photographic opportunities.  I'm always looking for new subjects and new challenges.

Until next time...

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