Thursday, April 12, 2012

St. Louis Sunrise

This Sunday's sunrise came courtesy of Nature Park in St. Louis, MO.  I have to say that this is the most amazing place I have shot so far.  It's a huge park that kind of forms the center of things to do in St. Louis.  From the park, you can walk to the St. Louis Zoo, the Museum of Natural History, a number of ball fields, war memorials, etc., etc. and I do mean, etc.  This was the location of the 1904 Worlds Fair and where I shot was just a fraction of the size of the park.

Unfortunately, I underestimated the time that it would take to get from my hotel to the park, so I missed the beautiful color that was in the sky.  No matter though; I made the most of the beauty of the park.  One shooting issue that I ran into was that the sun was extremely harsh that morning.  I found myself using trees to block the sun, or turning away from the sun to avoid flares on my lens.  I found that turning away from the sun added a nice lighting direction that I have never used before.  I will definitely try it some more.

Here are some of my favorites from that morning.  The rest you can check out on my facebook page:

I look forward to visiting St. Louis again so I can explore more of this park.  Stay tuned for pictures from more of my trip to St. Louis and beyond.

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