Saturday, June 16, 2012

Dallas Zoo Days

Last weekend, I rented a Sigma 170-500mm zoo lens and headed down to the Dallas Zoo.  It had been a few since I had been there, so I figured I would head out.   With the heat, I was only able to make it a couple of hours, but it was fun, none the less.  The zoo is very nice.  They have been running their "Giants of the Savannah" promotion for awhile.  It is a section of the zoo dedicated to animals of the African Savannah:  elephants, lions, gazelles, etc.

I plan on going back on the 23rd for a few reasons.  The zoo is holding its first ever Photo Day at the Zoo.  They are playing host to Canon ( and Arlington Camera (  This is great, because I am looking into getting a new external flash for my camera.  I am upgrading to Canon's Speedlite series, but I am not sure which one will suit my needs.  This will give me a great opportunity to speak directly to the manufacturer.

The other reason I am going back is to get some more shots for the zoo's "Feathers, Fur and Scales" photo contest.  My plan is to concentrate on the not as popular animals for a winning shot.

Here are some pictures from last weekend's trip to the zoo.

As you can see, the Dallas Zoo has a lot of photogenic birds.  These are only a few of the shots that I liked from this trip.  I'm still narrowing down which ones I want to submit for the contest, so I'll see what I come up with.

Until next time...

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