Sunday, July 15, 2012

It's been awhile

Time sure does fly when you have a lot on your plate.  This is a picture from this morning's sunrise photoshoot.  I went back out to Crowley Park in Richardson, TX and shot by the water of the pond.

It was nice that the moon was still out as the sun started to come up.  Pretty good color in sky, but not a lot of red until after I had packed up.

As I was finishing up, I decided to pull out two new pieces of gear and give them a test drive.  Those would be my Canon Speedlite 600 EX-RT flash and Gary Fong Cloud flash diffuser.  I bought both to use for my cousin's wedding but haven't really had a chance to try them out yet.  The flash in the reception hall will allow me to be able to use a fast shutter speed in the dim light.  The diffuser will help to soften that light so that it doesn't seem like a white blast on everyone I use it on.

Here are two pictures that I took of myself using my remote control.

On the left is the flash with no diffuser.  You can see that my skin is pretty blown out.  On the right is with the diffuser.  Skin tones come out a little more naturally when they aren't being blasted with light.

I plan to be able to get a little more practice using these two items before the wedding.  I'm actually reading the instruction manual, so I'll have the basics down.  I'll be able to use the rehearsal dinner to get some good real world practice with it.

Before I leave, I'll give you a tip.  When putting your camera bag down in the dark, be sure to not put it down on a fire ant mound.  I missed one by about 5 inches today.  That could have made for a bad morning.

Until next time...

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